Saturday, March 26, 2011

New York Times: Canadian Government, Beset by Scandal, Collapses

The New York Times may have the most honest headline yet. However, the Harper government fell not only because of scandals, but for something as fundamental as contempt of Parliament.

He fails to understand that under our Parliamentary system, he has to abide by the will of Parliament. They are our representatives.

If he refuses to respect that, it means that he refuses to respect us.

I watched his press conference from this morning (taped) and he's off his game.

He was doing fine when he could stick to script, but when the media hammered him about his 2004 coalition, that his then campaign manager, Tom Flanagan, confirmed included the full support of the Bloc, he fumbled.

You can always tell when he's lying because his eyes water and his jaw looks like it's about to snap.

I think the media may have a bit of fun. For five years he's refused to answer questions, and the RCMP threatened anyone who dared to challenge that.

But Harper looked like a lonely man. His government of one, on a campaign of one.

Maybe it's time he got back in the bubble.

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