Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Debilitating Psychosis of Pollsters

The Canadian Medical Association has released a new report on a growing epidemic of debilitating Psychosis, that is inflicting a specific segment of our population.

Tracking the brain waves of pollsters, it has been determined that this form of mental illness, is reaching epidemic proportions.

Isolating the genes, they have given it the clinical name: HowWrongYouAreItis, also known as GiveItUp, after the two doctors who have sought to define this particular strain.

Dr. Giveit Arest
Dr. Up Yours

How dare these people attempt to dictate to Canadians how we feel and how we will vote. And how dare they suggest that our democracy is not important to us.

As Wendy Camp writes in the Mark: It's About Our Democracy, Stupid.

Tom Flanagan is out using a bit of reverse psychology, suggesting that Stephen Harper is only a tyrannical dictator because he has a minority so has to be in constant election readiness. Yeah, nice try Tommy. George Bush used the strange strategy and he was not only guaranteed 4 years, but 8.

So maybe it's also about how stupid they think Canadians are, not just that we don't value our democracy.

But none of this will help Canadian pollsters overcome their mental illness. Today they are suggesting that a $300 million election won't change anything. And no, I looked at the byline and it wasn't written by Dimitri Soudas. I should have known. Too many big words.

In a democratic country, it is not about the cost of an election, because an election to depose a leader who has no respect for the people he is supposed to represent, is priceless.

Maybe as part of their therapy, we should remind them, that before the 2005 election, Stephen Harper was at 23% in the polls (1) and Paul Martin at 42%. And that Nicole Eaton (now a senator) was holding a fundraiser for Jim Flaherty (2), promoting his bid to take over as party leader.

He was rejected as leader in Ontario, because he was far too right-wing.

Or maybe the best thing we can do help our pollsters, is to just ignore them. After all, it isn't polite to stare, nor is it nice to ridicule the less fortunate.


1. Stephen Harper: On His Way Out?, Globe and Mail, June 14, 2005

2. Flaherty Plotting to Overthrow Harper? Bourque Newswatch, June 13, 2005

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