Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Real Reason Fantino's Liberal Opponent Jumped Ship

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The news today was that Fantino's former rival in Vaughn had jumped ship and joined the neocons. But as it turned out he was dumped by the Liberals and for good reason.
Prior to entering politics, Genco had been the head of Downsview Park, a federal agency set up to develop federal land in the middle of Toronto. The federal information commissioner is investigating several refusals to release Genco’s expenses and other files related to his time as head of the agency.
They can have him. Has anyone been keeping track of all the undesirables working for Harper's candidates? Not to mention the two candidates out in B.C. who had declared bankruptcy before running so were disqualified. They've got This guy:
Conservative Leader Stephen Harper is distancing himself from another tainted political organizer who found a home in a local candidate’s campaign. Giulio Maturi, who was a top official in the campaign of disgraced former Montreal mayoral candidate Benoit Labonté in 2009, was listed as late as Wednesday afternoon as the campaign manager for a Montreal Conservative candidate.
And this guy:
Conservative campaigners are flying in from all over the country. Money is gushing northward from safe ridings in Calgary.
For two years, the unelected Ryan Hastman has been handing out Government of Canada cheques all over the city. He's has been working full-time since June 2009 to undo the great humiliation, the ugly aberration, the icky fluke, the disaster, the horror, the slime, the evil. The Conservatives must win back Edmonton-Strathcona. So why was Sebastien Togneri, a disgraced senior official, working for Hastman?
I think Warren Kinsella says it best.

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