Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's Official. Stephen Harper is Privatizing Our Water

The Council of Canadians for Social Justice is concerned with the AbitibiBowater NAFTA settlement, that has opened the door to the privatization of Canadian water.

The above video came from a Committee on International Trade meeting in Ireland, when Irish MEP Joe Higgins, came to the defense of Canadians. He is concerned with the Harper trade deal that fuels our "race to the bottom", and will have an horrific impact on our labour market.

He also broaches the subject of the privatization of Canadian water.

AbitibiBowater was given $130 million of our tax dollars, in a settlement, that had it gone to the courts, would have been thrown out for the ridiculous challenge that it was.

But in Harperland, the multinational corporation will always come first.

And there are other concerns with our water and waters being sold off and traded away. The absolutely useless fisheries minister, and I say that with great affection, because the word I would prefer to use for Gail Shea is unprintable, prefers to flit around at trade shows, rather than work for the people paying her salary.

This time she has been reducing halibut quotas in B.C., threatening tourism. But here's the kicker:

"... a pilot project in which sports fishers, should they want to extend their season, could lease unused quota from the mostly large corporations that own the commercial halibut licences."

So it has nothing to do with "quotas", just another chance for multinationals to feed off the Canadian taxpayer.

This makes me so damn mad. Every time I even hear Gail Shea's name my blood boils. What human being would order the shooting of 560 Narwhal whales simply because she was having her nails done and couldn't be bothered working with the American Humane Society to rescue them?

She's beyond despicable.

However, it's pretty bad, when an Irish Parliamentarian has to come to our defense. We are the ones who should be fighting back.

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