Sunday, March 27, 2011

To John Snobelen: If the Bloc are Traitors, Why Was Stephen Harper Sleeping With the Enemy? Twice!

John Snobelen has a rather silly column in the Sun, in which he refers to the Bloc Party as traitors.

For those who don't know, Snobelen was in the Mike Harris government (talk about your traitors), and though he dropped out of school in grade eleven, was his Minister of Education.

As the country is now waking up to the fact that Stephen Harper was in a full coalition agreement with the Bloc in 2004, there is another interesting item from the Winnipeg Free Fress, May 14, 2005. At the time, Stephen Harper was still "using" them to defeat Paul Martin: "Meanwhile an Ipsos Reid poll suggested the Liberals could be headed toward defeat if the Tories and Bloc succeed in toppling the government next week."

I think Duceppe is getting tired of Harper's "booty calls". He has to state whether or not they are in "a committed relationship" or he's through.

Harper, above, speaks to news media outside Commons after the Conservatives again forced early adjournment. At left the mace, symbol of Parliament's authority, sits beside Calendar showing Friday the 13th.

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