Monday, March 28, 2011

With Harper Still Stuck on the "C" Word, Michael Ignatieff is on Fire

Stephen Harper is still stuck on the "C" word, but Ignatieff is not taking the bait. As one woman wrote to the CBC, if I read 'coaltion' one more time, I'm going to poke my eyes out. So if his strategy is just to annoy people, I say keep going.

Michael Ignatieff has already moved on, taking the focus off the "C" word and putting it on the economy.

Ignatieff goes on the attack over economics

Tory focus on 'jets and jails' threatening to bankrupt Canada, Ignatieff says

And Harper's election gravy is the promise of a plan that won't start for five years. In five years we'll be saying "Stephen who".

G20 was a ‘$1-billion Harper photo-op’ that accomplished nothing: Ignatieff

If you can stomach one more "C" word, here goes:


  1. I heard today that the polls are predicting another Conservative minority. "Conservative" is becoming the C word I hate. If they get in again, I'm moving to Maui. Never too late to become a beach bum.

  2. Polls mean nothing. Alan Gregg was quoted a while ago saying that we need to get over our addiction to polls. Last week they were predicting a minority though, so it sounds like he's slipping. Jacques Duceppe is supposed to be releasing a tape of Harper's coalition offer with him. Maybe that "base" will wake up too.

  3. BTW. That looks like a really bad wig.