Monday, March 7, 2011

Michael Ignatieff Considering Snap Non-confidence Vote. It's all up to Jack Layton Now

The Hill Times is reporting that the Liberals are considering calling for a snap non-confidence vote, before the budget. This will force Jack Layton to put his money where his mouth is.

Does he prop up a corrupt and dictatorial government, or will he remember what the NDP is supposed to stand for?

Will he agree with changing our name from 'Canada' to Harper? Corporate tax cuts? Fighter jets?


I'm glad to see Michael Ignatieff and the Liberals fighting back and taking the lead. Every time Harper does something horrendous, everyone blames 'Iggy', including Jack Layton.

Shame on Post Media though in the piece I just linked to, allowing Andrew Saxton the last word. It has already been proven that Jean Chretien did NOT use his name on official government press releases. A pox on their house. Inexcusable media spin.

But for those wondering whether or not to vote for Stephen Harper, Canadian soapbox provides ten compelling reasons:

You hate children
Profitable corporations should get big tax cuts
We need big U.S. style prisons for felons engaging in unreported crimes
Heath Care should be run by business and not government
We need more judges who understand that tube tops are an invitation to sex
Stephen Harper has really nice hair
To be a successful politician you have to be a good liar
Patronage is a good thing, especially when you set a record
For making government more open and accountable (not)
He plays a mean piano.

The descriptions provided are wonderful. Also many great links.

So be sure to sign the petition if you haven't done so yet. Now over 10,000 names to have not only Harper removed from government, but also 'Harper'.

Then we will all come together to fight in the next election.

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