Saturday, February 6, 2010

Did the Conservatives Engineer a Break-In as Part of a Hostile Take Over?

The unfolding story of the hostile takeover of our Human Rights agency, is becoming very serious.

While the staff was at the funeral of a member who it is believed suffered a heart attack because of actions taken by the Harper government, someone broke in looking for files, while leaving the cash.

The government is determined to change our foreign policy from the even handed approach that Canada has always been noted for, to an aggressive course of action in the Middle East.

Jason Kenney has been involved in possible terrorism, with nuts like John Hagee and Charles McVety, and it has now reached epidemic proportions. But again, there's nothing we can do about it for at least another month.

The fact that many immediately suspected the Conservatives of engineering the break-in, is telling. We no longer trust this government. In fact it's so bad that some are suggesting they are planning a false flag attack at the Olympics.

I don't buy it, but it shows what happens when a nation begins to fear their government. I'll be so glad when the House resumes and hopefully they will vote non-confidence. We have enough ammo now, in the form of information, to defeat this bunch I think.

And of course, while the fear surrounding the Olympics is unjustified (I think it's just all the security that's making people nervous. He's going himself for heaven sake.), what's happening in Montreal, is cause for concern.

What were burglars looking for at Montreal rights agency?
Break-in is latest chapter in ugly saga
February 6, 2010
Bruce Campion-Smith
Richard Brennan Ottawa Bureau

OTTAWA–The 11th floor office of Rights and Democracy in central Montreal had been closed for the day to give staff time to grieve the death of their popular president, Rémy Beauregard. That's when the burglars struck ...

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