Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jim Prentice Has resorted to Lying to Prove That we Need Him

Since Guy Giorno's newest Omnibus Bill has abandoned any hope of this government having an environmental platform, I wondered if we still needed Jim Prentice. I mean what is his job now?

But not to worry.

Jimmy has invented a job by fabricating accolades, since clearly the big middle finger from most Canadians didn't convince him of the "job" he was doing.
Yesterday, Minister of the Environment Jim Prentice released a list of quotes from environmental groups supporting his pending proposal to overhaul heavy vehicle emission regulations. Followers of Canadian environmental politics might have been surprised to see an enthusiastic endorsement of the plan from the Sierra Club, an organization with a less than cordial relationship with the Harper government.

The Sierra Club of Canada's executive director, John Bennett, certainly was. "We didn't know anything about it," he said. "I got a call from Sun Media last night asking if the quotes were from us. I looked at them and they're not ours, they're quotes from the Sierra Club United States, they're over a year old, they don't refer to any event in Canada and they certainly don't represent anything we actually said."
Whoa! I just got a whiff!

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