Monday, August 30, 2010

Canadian Soldiers Feel Betrayed by Stephen Harper

After hiding behind our troops to avoid having to answer questions on the abuse of Afghan detainees, Stephen Harper has found that our soldiers no longer have any political value, so he has completely turned his back on them.

And yet that didn't stop Bev Shipley from abusing our tax dollars to send out flyers suggesting that his party supports the troops.

And when exactly does that "support" kick in Bev?
The Conservatives have made support for the troops an integral part of their party brand, but when the first ever veterans' ombudsman recently blasted the government for denying veterans adequate benefits it exposed a sense of betrayal felt by soldiers and their families who thought they would be better off with Harper, said a Canadian Forces veteran and longtime advocate for disabled soldiers.

"There's a huge outcry and sense of betrayal by the soldiers because a huge part of the population that elected the Conservatives were veterans and soldiers hoping for a little bit more respect for the sacrifice that they endure," said Sean Bruyea, a retired Armed Forces intelligence officer and advocate for veterans. "When you include families, we're talking over one million Canadians that are involved in this sense of betrayal. [The Conservatives] can use the soldiers at their own convenience, but there's no doubt there's going to be a long term political price."
Farmers and soldiers. Harper's on a roll.

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