Sunday, August 8, 2010

Harper Tells Caucus to Shut the %$%# Up, While Guy Lauzon Goes Begging

According to Susan Riley Harper's big caucus meeting was not about planning strategy, but reminding them that they must do as they're told, and no matter how stupid his government's decisions are, they must try to sell them.
According to media reports from their summer caucus meeting, Conservative MPs were back in town this week to "plot the fall agenda." No they weren't.

They were here to socialize at 24 Sussex with their spouses, get their marching orders and their talking points -- and to be reminded, should they need reminding, to shut the **** up, when asked about disquieting polls, the census, rising rates of "unreported crime", the prime minister's personality, or anything, really, outside of the perfidy of their rivals and the marvels of the Economic Action Plan.

Guy Lauzon got the message but kind of screwed it up. After going door to door begging for his job, he reports that 1/3 of Cornwall residents do not want an election.

He does understand that 1/3 is not a majority, right?

He then goes on to suggest the same thing that the delusional Harper is suggesting, that the economy is too fragile to handle an election.

And yet they won't talk about the horrendous decisions to build more prisons for imaginary prisoners and new fighter jets to stave off imaginary enemies.

What were they serving at that "shut the %$%# up" party and will it land them in imaginary prison?

We need an election NOW!

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