Tuesday, August 17, 2010

So Conservatives Find Canadians Annoying. Good to Know

So according to Jane Taber and one of her "sources", we are a big yawn.

“They don’t bother us. It’s just that they are annoying,”a "senior Conservative official" told Taber about the public uproar in reaction to the scrapping of the compulsory long-form census.

On that long census ... when we put that through cabinet ages ago that to me was a good news story,” one senior Conservative official told The Globe and Mail. The vociferous reaction that resulted is now considered an “irritant” in the senior Tory ranks.

Just an irritant. Really people. We should try not to be so annoying to this government. Remember they have riot police just waiting to smash civilians. You could be next.

I thought they just hated Canadians. I didn't realize that we actually bored them.

And speaking of boring, the Globe really has to do something about Jane Taber. Poor girl is so bored she's quoting invisible people to prop up her "scoops".

Late breaking news: "The PM is going on a photo-op says a high-ranking Conservative official". Or according to Scott Feschuk:
It was, for the Prime Minister, “a good summer.” This isn’t a quote from a senior Conservative source or a veteran caucus member or a super-senior double-secret invisible party uber-insider. These are the words of Jane Taber herself. I’m as confused as you as to why she didn’t demand anonymity from herself.
Poor Janie. She's clearly spending too much time with Harper's caucus and is dumming down to the point where she has trouble remembering her own name.

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