Friday, August 6, 2010

Tony Clement Says He Really Hates His Job

That's the only thing I can figure because his nonsense over this census issue are the actions of a man either completely bored or so bloody arrogant he just doesn't care.

Is it because John Baird got a promotion?

Because he and Stephen Harper have never liked each other and Harper is making him take the heat?

Is he going through the change?

Industry Minister Tony Clement says opponents of the Conservatives' decision on the census are just whining because they once had a “good deal” to get information they needed while letting Ottawa force citizens to supply the data.

Clement was defending the decision to do away with the mandatory nature of the long-form, 40-page census that previously went to one-in-five households.
The government says Canadians shouldn't face the threat of jail or fines for not filling out the form. But the decision has been attacked by provincial governments, educators, mayors, businesses and others who say the information produced by a voluntary long-form census will not be as good as in past surveys.

“Yeah, there are groups that are upset” about the government's decision, Clement told reporters. "Hey, listen, they had a good deal going,” he added. “They got good, quality data and the government of Canada was the heavy.”

Maybe he knows the Neoconservatives will never win another election and he doesn't want to sit in opposition again.

Or maybe he's just a total idiot!

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