Sunday, August 29, 2010

Late Breaking News. Harper Refused to Take Questions in the Yukon

Wait a minute! Since when is that news?

Maybe what they really meant as late breaking news was that he lied to a room full of people ... more than once.

Lie List:

1. Canada’s quick recovery “due to the economic action plan”: Canada has not recovered and we still own 125 billion in sub-prime mortgages used to give the appearance of economic recovery. Otherwise known as the "not a bank bailout"

2. The impossibility of raising taxes: Stephen Harper is now presiding over the largest tax increase in Canadian history, due to his HST (aka Harper Sales Tax) and the 35% increase in payroll taxes.

3. The Liberal coalition wants to see a carbon tax to pay for the Kyoto Accord: There is no Liberal coalition, though most Canadians would like one. Here's hoping. Harper also knows that unfortunately, the carbon tax is off the table. Instead he won a Colossal Fossil award for sabotaging climate change talks.

4. And they want to see people working for 40 days, then being able to claim employment insurance: That was only a temporary measure to help the unemployed. Instead we are now in the middle of an unemployment crisis, with Harper laying off EI employees.

So clearly the news wasn't about lying.

Not even about hypocrisy:
“It’s kind of ironic that Harper’s standing in front of these carved native statues,” said one government worker, who was afraid to use her name. “Especially after the funding cuts that have gone on in the last year, to groups like the aboriginal healing foundation.”
I don't know. I'm sure there's a late breaking news story in there somewhere, but I'll be darned if I can find it.

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  1. Late breaking news:
    News editor gets telephone call from PMO about photo-op of Mr Harper to put on the air. News editor airs "story" in order not to be put out of work as a result of political pressure.
    Film at 11:00.