Monday, August 9, 2010

Please Answer This Poll. Harper's Hatred For Farmers is Palpable

His hatred for human beings even more so.

The CBC has a poll: Should the prison farms remain open?

Please take it. That SOB is the most inhumane monster on the planet.

My husband just came from the demonstration as they were hauling the cattle away, many are going to slaughter. The gutless police are arresting anyone trying to take a stand, including an elderly woman who could take that spineless Harper down with her bare hands, she was so angry with him.

All of the farmers there today to show their support, said that Stephen Harper will never get elected again. They are going to make sure of it. And when my husband asked about our local neocon candidate, Brian Abrams, They asked "Brian who?"

Another spineless jerk who has not shown his face even once. I am so angry.

I know know what evil looks like.

And cowardice looks like this.

More than 150 police officers faced off against several hundred protesters at the entrance to the Frontenac Prison in Kingston, Ont., Monday morning, as the demonstrators tried to prevent trucks from removing a herd of cattle from the prison farm there.The protesters oppose the federal government's decision to close all six of Canada's prison farms, which provided work for inmates.

Protesters gathered at the entrance of Frontenac Prison on Sunday in an attempt to prevent several trucks from picking up a dairy herd.

The demonstrators voluntarily withdrew Sunday evening after receiving a promise from police that no cows would be removed overnight, according to a statement issued by the Save Our Prison Farms group.Police charged nine people, including a woman in her 80s, with mischief following the protest Sunday. A 10th protester was arrested Monday morning.

A woman in her 80's. Brian Abrams should be ashamed. As to Harper, he has no soul. And what bothers me the most is that that bastard is probably laughing somewhere, enjoying himself.

We're counting the days Stevie. You're OUT!


  1. I think the farms are a good idea.

    Gives them something to do as well as a skill.

    We will need farmers all the time so I do not think its a waste of tax payers money.

    What is a waste is the close to 10 billion they want to spend on new jails for unreported crime.

    Best use for that money is to fix the Maple Reactors at Chalk River.

    The hospitals need the Isotopes.

    The only reason they want to shut the prison farms down is use the land for a US based jail system !!

    For all those new crimes the Harper and Co are creating with there Punishment Crusade.