Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stockwell Day Says He's Tired of Harper's Tight Message Control

After four and a half years of a federal gag law, that is frustrating everyone, Stockwell Day says that he would like to see it lifted.

But will Herr Harper?

Not likely.
Nationwide focus groups assembled by a federal pollster expressed "frustration" over the Harper government's lack of communication, leaving them in the dark about the Tory agenda. The newly released findings prompted a federal cabinet minister to say Thursday he’s open to loosening the Tories' tight message control.

Treasury Board President Stockwell Day said he'd consider removing the veritable gag on federal public servants that's been in place since the Conservatives introduced a potent messaging tool called the Message Event Proposal four years ago.

An investigation by The Canadian Press revealed in June that MEPs are being used across the federal government to literally script words uttered by cabinet ministers and lowly backbenchers as well as screen media requests for interviews with public servants who have expert knowledge of government policy.

I think Stockwell Day will be gagged.

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