Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Peter MacKay Spies Fake Planes Flying Over Fake Lake

I'm so glad we have a defense minister who's on the ball ... or off his rocker.

Seems that once again Peter Mackay is crying wolf and even sending out talking points to MPs, to help with his fabricated tale of another threat by Russian planes.

I'm feeling more secure already.
A larger number of those in the military community that I talked to (or sent emails to me) tend to believe that the “leak” of information regarding the intercept to the Sun newspapers was done to focus attention on the Conservative government’s stance on Arctic sovereignty and in particular to build the case for the purchase of the Joint Strike Fighter.

MacKay has denied that the information was released to support Canada’s participation in the JSF program.

But his denials were undercut somewhat when the Conservative government a short time later issued “talking points” to its MPs on how they could take advantage of the news stories about the Bear bomber intercept and drill home the point that the JSF was needed and that Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff wanted to cancel the program (Ignatieff has actually said he wants to review the program).

We can't afford the damn planes. End of.


  1. MacKay has taken to donning a military uniform, which is illegal under the CFAO's and the Queen's Regulations and Orders. Peter MacKay is a civilian, his Chief of Defence staff is the Senior Military Officer (the one who gets to wear the uniform).

    This is an insult to every military member, who signs away rights and freedoms of expression to serve our country. To see him do that is the worst affectation of a dictator. He should apologize.