Friday, August 6, 2010

Nervous Harper Makes John Baird Head of the Dog Pound

Stephen Harper announced that he is making John Baird the new House leader, so he can avoid an election.

How's Baird going to do that?

Bite people? Pee on everything?

Harper said he placed the experienced Baird in the House Leader’s job to ensure that Parliament works, so an “unnecessary” election could be avoided.

“The economy remains the number one priority of Canadians and our government,” Harper said. “An unnecessary election is the last thing that Canadians need, that the economy needs, at this time.”

I hope he's had his rabies shot.

1 comment:

  1. Harper releases his "political pitt bull".

    Does the PM think that this will scare Canadians into submission or something?
    Or, can he possibly believe that Baird will help the PMO's sinking numbers?

    I'm looking forward to an election where these brownshirts can be neutered and sent back to their kennels.