Friday, August 6, 2010

Harper's High School Pet Peeve Becomes a ... "Reality"?

In Stephen Harper's final year of high school he listed his pet peeve as "reality". I took it as a teenager trying to be cool, but given his style of absolute rule, I have to agree with David Climenhaga, that he is simply creating his own reality, as in "when we act, we create our own reality."

Climenhaga is referring to the statements made by Harper backbencher Brent Rathgeber, in suggesting that his government's approach to Israeli aggression is justified because the Bible tells them so. Same old, same old.

But Climenhaga goes on to describe other self inflicted realities, like Stockwell Day suggesting we need to pour 9.5 billion into the building of new prisons for crimes that are unreported. Day holds onto this "truth" in the same way that he holds onto the "truth" that his G-G-G grandpappy rode a Torosaurus to the Colosseum. (have you ever tried to park one of those things?)

This is not a government that makes decisions based on fact. Instead they fabricate their own "truths" and then try to sell them as "fact".

Look at the enormous lengths that they are going to, to convince us that they are right on the census issue. They are even planning a 25 million dollar ad campaign to "prove" that they are "right".

And look at the 1.3 billion for G-20 security. Harper had to instruct the police to leave vandals alone so he justify his "truth" that he needed to spend that much to keep Toronto safe. But when he played images of thugs busting windows and burning cars during the summit, those watching must have asked themselves "so what was the money for and why is there no security?"

He never thinks these things through. He is "right" ... end of.

Cimenhaga ends with:
... this in turn suggests that the troubling key proposition that underpins his argument is so widely held in government circles as to amount to an assumption of fact. If that it so, while hardly surprising, it means Canada under the Harper government can make no positive contribution to resolving the tragic situation in the Middle East.
The Harper government is incapable of making a positive contribution on anything and that's the "truth".

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