Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We Can't Let Harper Marginalize Our Veterans Any Longer!

Isn't it funny how a man who hid behind our troops to avoid questions about Afghan Detainees, allowing them to wear the shame, is now throwing them to the wolves?

There is an excellent column in the Globe and Mail about this, and we as Canadians need to be mad as hell!

I know I am. Farmers and Veterans. Who next?

As Canada attempts to remain buoyant after the recent conomic flood, Ottawa’s rush to cut the cost of government has one very large but often silent group on the chopping block: disabled veterans and their families .... Understandably, most veterans are too proud to protest the government for which they were willing to die. The government knows this and sadly, that is why the cuts have every chance in succeeding.

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  1. We should pull out of Afganistan

    If you want to play you have to pay the consequences as well.

    I know a lot of vets and what Harpo is doing is wrong !!