Monday, August 9, 2010

John Baird Will Not Play Nice and He Was the Same in the Ontario Legislature

John Baird's forte is to never answer a question ... ever. It is also his forte to bite, snap, snarl and foam at the mouth if anyone asks him a question.

Stephen Harper gave him his new job because there are far too many questions for his government and he is terrified that he will have to face the electorate, before he can sweep a few things under the rug.

Canadians want an election and we want this gang of thugs sent packing.

"At the same time the Prime Minister said we don't want an election in fall, we know Mr. Baird is a very partisan Conservative. I think it will be very difficult for him to be able to have some discussion with the opposition to find out ways to cooperate with each other. I hope it will be possible," he said.

Mr. Harper said Mr. Baird has worked with provincial and municipal governments of all stripes during his long Cabinet tenure and can bring those skills to his new job negotiating the government's legislative agenda with opposition colleagues. The government House leader role is a tough job in a minority government and requires negotiating and listening skills, but also the ability to be forceful from time to time, he said.

Obviously Stephen Harper thinks we're all as thick as he is, because I remember how John Baird acted in the Ontario Legislature. Even with his own caucus members.

And when he was caught with his hands in the cookie jar he'd lie, deny and act like a buffoon. An example:

(Dis) Hon Mr Baird: I take great offence at the comments of the leader of the third party. For him to suggest that there was any political interference with respect to a public request for proposals in these contracts is patently false. It is not true, and I would dare suggest that the member opposite has not a shred of evidence to back up that claim. If he wants to suggest that, I encourage him to do it outside this place, if he has the courage of his convictions and the guts to say it outdoors. He is engaging in smear, gutter politics, which will not build his credibility.

Mr Hampton: We're seeing gunslinger John Baird. Well, Mr Baird, let's go outside. These companies gave the Conservative Party $120,000. You gave them a $100-million contract to provide so-called emergency generators.

But this gets worse. In your original request for proposals, you said they had to have the emergency power on-line by June 15. These corporate friends that you've given the emergency generation contracts to can't provide the electricity. They couldn't provide it on June 15; they can't provide it now. They won't be able to provide it, it looks like, until the end of July.

I repeat my question, Minister. Why are you spending $100 million of the public's money to line the pockets of your corporate friends when they will not be able to provide emergency hydro generation on hot days like we're having this week and next week? Why are you putting the public of Ontario at risk of brownouts in order to line the pockets of your corporate friends?

(Dis) Hon Mr Baird: The leader of the third party is engaging in gutter politics, and I think it's beneath even him.

See how he did that? He took $120,000 in contributions, gave the firm a 100 million dollar contract, and yet NEVER answered the question.

Goodbye Stevie

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