Thursday, August 5, 2010

King Stephen Falls Back on Economy to Save His Bacon

You always know when Stephen Harper is in trouble, because he falls back on the tired monster named 'Economy'.

9.5 billion for prisons with a falling crime rate and 16 billion for fighter jets is not how you address the economy.

He's been in hiding but is now poking his head out of the hole and planning his own cross-country tour.

I hope wherever he goes people will ask him about the 125 billion dollar bank bailout and why he bought up a bunch of rotten paper on behalf of Canadian taxpayers, so bank execs could give themselves 8 billion in bonuses.

They never talk about that.

But he's once again blowing smoke about a coalition. What a putz.

He's even sporting glasses so he looks intelligent. Nice try.

Remember this coalition Stevie?


  1. Gotta love the photos you come up with.

    Tony Cement says today that "the Harper government is tired of playing the villainous enforcer"

    Nice to finally hear the confession of the Tory role in the G20 policing.

  2. Tony Clement says a lot of things.