Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Brian Abrams Mourns the Loss of His Political Career. May it Rest in Peace

Every time I read a story about the closing of the prison farms; every time I shed a tear driving by the now empty fields that once held cattle, and every time I think of the police aggression toward the protesters, I become more determined to make sure that Brian Abrams never gets elected in the City of Kingston.

He represents everything that is wrong with this government. A government that turns it back on it's citizens and prefers the use of force to consultation.

Those cattle are gone with the exception of two:
Three hundred cows from Frontenac Institution have been sold off at auction in Waterloo. The sale at the Ontario Livestock Exchange began at 11 a.m and closed just after 4 o’clock today. There are reports two of the cows were purchased by a member of the Save Our Prison Farms group. The cows will be sent back to Kingston and will be given to a local farmer.
And Abram's political career went with them.

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