Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stephen Harper No Longer Leads in Polls. Has Rasputin Dethroned Another King?

Results of a recent poll shows that King Stephen has lost his lead in the polls.

He has 29.7 to the Liberals 28.5

However, that is not the real picture, because the West always distorts the numbers.

In actual percentages he's closer to about 26% and he knows it.

So will he abdicate his throne?

When Guy Giorno was playing Rasputin to Mike Harris, King Mike got tired and handed over the keys to the kingdom.

With scandals mounting, King Mike had run out of photo-ops to hide behind, and didn't want to play the game anymore.

I have trouble imagining King Stephen getting bored with photo-ops, but clearly Canadians are getting bored with him.

Do you know what? They even look alike. Could King Stephen and King Mike have been twins separated at birth? Not exactly a Prince and the Pauper story, but it is a little uncanny.

Or maybe Giorno only learned how to build one model.

So what will the kingmaker do now? King Anthony I? Empress Helena?

I can hardly wait.

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