Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Conservatives Could Still be Charged in "In and Out" Scam

Some Conservatives could still face charges over the "In and Out" election scheme in 2006, that allowed them to undemocratically spend more money in the final days of the campaign; but also cheat taxpayers out of almost a million dollars.

I posted the other day, that several may not even be allowed to run for re-election.

Still no decision on charges on Tories' 'in-and-out' ad buys
A federal prosecutor is still considering whether to bring charges over contentious advertising purchases made by the Conservative Party during the 2006
election. Director of Public Prosecutions Brian Saunders was referred the file on the Tories' "in and out" advertising buys in June 2009, but, more than a year later, has yet to say whether he'll initiate a prosecution under the Canada Elections Act.

Federal prosecutor still considering charges over Tory ad buys
Corbett's investigators raided Conservative party headquarters in Ottawa in April 2008 and, aided by the RCMP, seized boxes of documents and computer records. They also hired forensic auditors and outside legal counsel to help unravel the trail of wire transfer, expense claims and invoices from the campaign. The dispute between the Tories and the Elections Canada centres on $1.3 million in radio and TV ads the party purchased during the campaign.

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