Friday, August 27, 2010

Stephen Harper Endorses Coalition Government. And This Time Not His Own.

After the 2004 election results, Stephen Harper entered into a coalition with the NDP and Bloc to take power, not earn it, and become an unelected prime minister. And it might have happened if Jack Layton hadn't come to his senses and backed out.

And now that Britain, Australia and Japan have successful coalition governments, Stephen Harper has stated that it's time that Canada had the same, seeing as how 2/3 of Canadians simply don't trust him.

So while hiding in the North to avoid having to answer questions on the census, the gun registry, his new tax increases, his horrible treatment of veterans and the scrapping of Medicare, he made a speech suggesting that Canadians have two choices: A Harper majority or a coalition.

But Canadians have already made their choice, twice. We don't want a Harper majority, and in fact, few have the stomach for another Harper minority.

So the choice is clear, and he made it himself. Goodbye Stephen Harper.

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