Saturday, August 28, 2010

Conservative Bev Shipley Says to Hell With The Vets. He'll Stand Up For No One!

Just when you thought the Harper government couldn't sink any lower, MP Bev Shipley just sent out a ten per center suggesting that his government supports the troops.

Paid for by us no less.

What a slap in the face to Canadian veterans, who are in the process of fighting Shipley's leader for the respect they have already earned.


I think we should all send Shipley an invoice, suggesting that we be reimbursed for this nonsense, and demand that he apologize to the veterans and their families. I'd say he should be ashamed, but obviously the Reformers have no shame, and Mr. Shipley just proved it.

You can find his email here.

But fortunately, there are Canadians out there who really do care. Sean Wilson of London is drawing attention to the plight of veterans and their abuse at the hands of the Harper government.
Sean Wilson has heard enough words. Now the London veterans' rights advocate wants Londoners to stand up and be counted at a rally in support of Canadian troops and veterans Sunday. "For anyone who has that yellow-ribbon magnet that says ‘Support our troops,' on their car, this is your chance to prove you mean it," said Wilson, an organizer with the Remember November 11 Association.

"I talk to veterans and they're saying ‘We need Canada to stand up for us right now.'" The rally under the banner "Stand Up For Our Troops" is set for noon Sunday at Victoria Park.

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