Thursday, February 4, 2010

Update on Norman Spector's Admiration for Childish Manouvers

So by now you've probably heard that rather than address the fact that he is allowing our men and women in uniform, to take the fall for his potential war crimes; or explain his prorogation in the name of naked self interest; our humble dictator has crawled out of his hole and threatened to take his ball and go home.

Then in a little tantrum, he wailed that they would get no spring break ... so, there.

And while Norman Spector was so excited he almost cracked a smile, over these nursery room antics; the adults stepped in and took charge.

"After hearing the news, the NDP argued that the House of Commons should resume sitting immediately. “Instead of playing silly games, the PM should recall Parliament right away to deal with all the important issues facing Canadians,” said Karl Belanger, spokesperson for NDP ...Leader Jack Layton.

Liberal House Leader Ralph Goodale mocked the Conservatives’ sudden change of heart from demanding time to “recalibrate” to now wanting to toil straight through. “It’s clearly a government in full panic mode trying to scramble out of a mess they created,” Goodale said in an interview Wednesday night. He said the Liberals, who have remained in Ottawa holding public round table discussions on issues of the day, would entertain any “serious proposition” from the Conservatives.

“We’ve been here all the time . . . They’re the ones who took the holiday, not us,” he said.

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