Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Stephen Harper's Cowardice Has Reached New Heights

We knew it was coming. We knew that Stephen Harper would cut and run and leave the troops to bear the shame of the Afghan Detainee issue. We knew he would NEVER EVER stand up for them, when he prefers to hide behind them.

But his cowardice has reached new heights, when he once again will use OUR money for HIS campaign; this time to attack our men and women in uniform.

Boy when he suggested he hated Canada, who knew it was this much?

The Conservatives are planning a full frontal attack on the troops by implying that the opposition members are accusing them of all sorts.

However, every single person in this country and abroad, with any sense at all, knows that the only ones who could be complicit in torture and potentially charged with war crimes; are Stephen Harper, Lawrence Cannon, Peter MacKay, Rick Hillier and Gordon O'Connor.

I find their latest ten per center to be unconscionable, and may be even more vile than their antisemitic profiling of Jewish Canadians.

For the record, it was NOT the opposition who raised the alarm over detainee abuse. It was groups like Amnesty International, B.C. Civil Liberties, the Red Cross, OXFAM, NATO, the U.S. State Department, our military police, the Afghan Human Rights Commission; to name just a few.

This man is unbelievable. I hope it backfires and Canadians finally see him for what he is. A spineless, gutless bully, who huffs and puffs and then hides at the first sign of trouble.

Tories fight back over Afghan detainee controversy
Parliamentary Bureau Chief
February 2, 2010

Conservatives are fighting back over the Afghan detainee controversy, accusing Liberals of questioning the actions of Canadian troops in a flyer that will arrive in mailboxes this week. The householder — known as a 10-per-center — highlights quotes from Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff and other Grit MPs — including one that suggests soldiers might have committed war crimes.

“The men and women of the Canadian Forces serve our country proudly each and every day. From Afghanistan to Haiti, our troops lead the way in helping to rebuild shattered societies and provide security. Sadly, Michael Ignatieff and the Liberal Party have questioned their actions in Afghanistan,” the flyer reads.


  1. Propaganda clear and simple, they are desperate, even with the 10% issue still out there they are willing to spend tax payers dollars on their own defense.

  2. I'm hoping people will send them back to the PM. Not to the address on the flyer, because that just goes to their PR firm. Let Harper know that this is unacceptable.