Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Harper's Reign of Fear Has Turned Advocacy Group Inside Out

We have been hearing a lot about our own advocacy group; Rights and Democracy and how the Conservatives, or I should say Stephen Harper; has created such controversy that one man may have died as a result.

After planting a party faithful, Aurel Braun, to head up the agency, a culture of fear replaced caring and sound judgement. Everyone was under investigation and under attack.

Remy Beauregard was harassed so vigorously, that he suffered a heart attack and died.

According to Haroon Siddiqui; Four of Beauregard's predecessors – including Ed Broadbent and Warren Allmand – called on Harper to hold an inquiry. And 45 of 47 staff at the agency demanded the resignation of Braun, as well as vice-chair Jacques Gauthier and director Elliot Tepper.

But we all know that calling on Harper to do anything when it comes to human rights or common decency is absolutely futile.

And this all boils down to Israel, and any perceived criticism of the nation that must be left alone to do it's job, according to John Hagee, and two of the most dangerous members of his flock: Jason Kenney and Charles McVety.

I wish we had a legitimate media in this country and I wish even more that we had a real Governor General. Someone like Ed Broadbent should be able to go to her and request that she step in. But she won't.

This country is in serious trouble and someone needs to take charge. When Harper made the controversial Darrel Reid his chief of staff, we knew his agenda would be accelerated. We are no longer governed by our constitution but the Old Testament.

Reid once stated: "I think every Christian is under an obligation to change laws to reflect biblical values...Only God can make Canada a truly Christian country... We are called to speak biblical truth to seek justice – and that obviously has implications for our political life."

I don't know if I'm frightened, sickened or disgusted. Perhaps all three. I just know that this could end badly. How did we let this happen?

Staff suspended shortly before open letter published in media
February 1, 2010
Jennifer Ditchburn,

OTTAWA - Three senior managers at a government-funded rights agency rocked by allegations of Conservative meddling have been suspended, including one of its longest-serving employees.

A well-placed source with the organization told The Canadian Press that Marie-France Cloutier, Razmik Panossian and Charles Vallerand were suspended with pay from Rights and Democracy late Friday, and told that they were the subjects of an internal investigation.


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