Monday, February 8, 2010

Harper's Abuse of Power Makes International News

Stephen Harper stated recently that the markets are vulnerable when Parliament sits because there is the constant threat of his government being toppled.

Stephen Harper says a lot of things.

Unfortunately, most of it is nonsense.

He might want to pick up a newspaper once in a while, besides the National Post, because reports of his abuse of power have gone global.

In the New York Times, they merely mentioned the prorogation, but under the heading 'Related stories', most were about Richard Colvin and Afghan Detainee abuse.

RealNews picked up the story and ran a ten and a half minute segment entitled Canada's Pro-Democracy Movement. The UK Guardian called it Shafting Democracy in Canada.

Here's a story from a rather unlikely source, the Science and Technology News:

Unprecedented abuse of power by Canadian PM Harper spawns protest movement
Canada, January 29, 2010 (TransWorldNews)

Just under a week ago Canadians gathered in sixty communities outside government buildings to protest the prorogation, or suspension of the Canadian
Parliament until March 3rd, 2010 ....

And we even made the Huffington Post:

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has single-handedly shut down Parliament. It is the second time he has done this since being re-elected in October of 2008. Critics claim that the move was used this time in order to postpone an inquiry into accusations of war crimes complicity for members of his administration and the Canadian military.

Stemming from evidence that Canada continued handing- over people detained in the War in Afghanistan over to Afghan prisons that they knew practiced torture.


  1. Emily, my dear: It is now Christmas Eve of 2010, and in doing the research at this year's end, I trace this back through Google as the very first reference to C.R.U.S.H. anywhere on the internet outside of Facebook. Congratulations ms. Dee, once again you are ahead of the curve.

    Merry Christmas, 2010