Friday, February 5, 2010

Harper Sells Canada Downriver With Bogus Buy American Rescue

With Parliament shut down, Stephen Harper and his gang are making so many bad decisions on our behalf, and we have no way of stopping him.

His bogus rescue from 'Buy American' is not a good deal for Canada, but again threatens our sovereignty. It now puts health care, water, and other public services on the chopping block.

Once we let the Americans get their hands on providing our health services, they will no longer be sustainable.

This is devastating news.

The Governor General should be stepping in here, because important decisions like this should be debated in the House.

But he shut it down, and there's nothing we can do. Council of Canadians has sounded the alarm, but it would appear that our media has also been prorogued, because they think this is a good thing.

Harper says Bye to Buy Local
February 5, 2010

Ottawa – The Harper government is escalating its attack on democracy with the deals announced today on Buy American and Canada signing up the provinces to the WTO procurement agreement. More than 25 organizations are meeting today in Ottawa to launch efforts to counter this and other trade deals whose aim is to destroy local democratic control over public spending.

“This deal is an attack on the democratic institutions capacity to govern,” says Steven Shrybman, international trade lawyer and Council of Canadians board member.

... The Council of Canadians is criticizing the deal for being thoroughly unbalanced, as it commits Canada more and permanently, while not providing a real exemption from Buy American for Canada.

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