Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dear Mr. Spector. It Was Childish Manouvers That Got Him Into This Mess

Today I've decided to prorogue Norman Spector, and in fact from here on in, I will be proroguing all Canadian media who think that this whole bloody thing is a game.

Today Mr. Spector is gushing and gooing over Harper's latest ploy to pull a fast one on the opposition. When will the Canadian media realize that this country is in trouble and they are only enabling this ruthless dictator?

With Parliament closed, Harper is still managing to drag the country down with inaction on climate change, the economy and unemployment. He has violated the integrity of our soldiers by still insisting that they must wear the shame of the Afghan Detainee issue. By twisting logic he has clearly laid the blame on their shoulders and our men and women in uniform are not impressed.

With Parliament closed he has manged to make a mockery of human rights agencies and gut funding for women's health issues.

With Parliament closed he has still allowed Jason Kenney to engage in domestic terrorism, by continuing to promote an unchecked assault on Palestine by the Israelis, so that nut can help fulfil a Biblical prophesy.

With Parliament closed, Harper has still managed to cancel a program to produce HIV vaccine, because heaven forbid someone receiving the vaccine might be gay.

With Parliament closed, he has still allowed Stockwell Day, the man who may even be more criminally insane than Jason Kenney, to start slashing important programs that don't agree with his warped view of religion.

So to my dear Mr. Spector. Smarten the hell up. This is not about who out maneuvered who. This is OUR country dammit, Those are OUR Parliament buildings. It is OUR money, and MPs are OUR employees. We don't pay them to play games. We pay them to govern and if they can't do that the only manoeuvring taking place, will be US manoeuvring THEM out of office.

And what was it that got Norman so excited he can barely breath? The most ridiculous tactic to date. Cancelling March break. Harper is no longer just evil, he's an absolute moron, who believes these childish games will trump war crimes, and suspending our democracy.

Can you say ELECTION NOW?


  1. BRAVO, EMILY!! Sorry for the Caps, but I have to SHOUT! This is an EXCELLENT blog that everyone should read! Terrific summary of Harper's sins against Canadians and an overdue serious chiding of Norman Spector - who I prorogued some time ago, after suggesting to the G&M that he is just too out-of-touch to still be cranking out his partisan nonsense that is unconnected to reality.