Saturday, October 2, 2010

Harper Government Spends Four Million Dollars to Create Money Pit for RCMP. WHAT????

Of all the outlandish excuses for mishandling our money, I think this one takes the cake.

The Harper government spent more than four million dollars (they say only $144,862) to drain a quarry so that the RCMP had a place to stay.

Why were they forced to sleep in a pit? What, all the cozy spots under the bridges were gone?
The RCMP, though, say the cost to drain the quarry to prepare it for the summit was $144,862.

"This is literally a money pit," said Liberal Public Safety Critic Mark Holland in a news release Thursday. "The Conservatives borrowed and spent $4 million of taxpayers' dollars to rent a hole in the ground so RCMP officers could have a place to sleep." Public Safety Minister Vic Toews defended the spending in Question Period, saying the bulk of the $1.3 billion was for security.
That excuses it?

How much 'ya wanna' bet that one of their wealthy developer friends needed the quarry drained for their next money making scheme, so Harper just let taxpayers foot the bill?

Draining it so the RCMP had a place to sleep. How stupid do they think we are?


  1. Ridiculous to imagine anyone would sleep in a drained quarry. If they had drained it "for the homeless" it still wouldn't provide a place to sleep. Does anyone have pictures of Mounties sleeping in a formerly water-filled hole in the ground? Those I'd like to see!!