Sunday, October 24, 2010

Is Alberta Getting Tired of Stephen Harper?

After a Muslim was elected as Mayor of Calgary, the anti-Islamic, pro-Israel Harper must be fuming. The man who in 2000 wrote a piece for the National Post: "Separation, Alberta-style: It is time to seek a new relationship with Canada" (December 8, 2000), and suggested building a firewall around Alberta so the feds couldn't get them, may be losing his maniacal grip.

Born and raised in Toronto, he also claimed after winning the Alliance leadership, that he was "for Alberta first and Canada a distant second". Something John Geddes called "a recklessly hotheaded move for a man with national aspirations." (Maclean's May 9, 2005)

And what he deemed should be "Canadian values".
"Westerners, but especially Albertans, founded the Reform/Alliance to get "in" to Canada. The rest of the country has responded by telling us in no uncertain terms that we do not share their 'Canadian values.' Fine. Let us build a society on Alberta values." (National Post, December 8, 2000)
But after almost five years of running this country, many of us are asking what "Alberta values" are, including many Albertans. I don't think this is what they had in mind when they said they wanted "in".

One of them, Tom Turner, wrote an op-ed piece for the Edmonton Journal: PM shows contempt
The contempt Stephen Harper has for all Canadians has hit a new high with his contention that the reason Canada lost the election to sit on the UN Security Council is the position taken by the opposition in Canada, specifically Michael Ignatieff. .... His government has chosen, against the wishes of a majority of Canadians, to place more importance in the war in Afghanistan than maintaining Canada's traditional role as peacekeeper. His government has committed itself to following the leadership of the United States rather than the consensus of the UN. To top it off, He has chosen to deprive veterans of the war in Afghanistan of their rightful compensation and care. It is no wonder the mighty power of Portugal has taken over the position that should be filled by Canada.

My challenge to Canadians is, what are we to do about this leader who, despite having a minority government, insists on destroying the very nature of our country and our identity? We must rid ourselves of this cancer now.
Alberta is not a regressive province. But look who they have representing them. The likes of Rob Anders and Jason Kenney, now represent "Alberta Values". What else are we supposed to think? Religious fanatics and bigots.

Maybe things are about to change. We can only hope.


  1. Oh yes, Emily, I was thrilled about Calgary's new mayor. And about the Edmonton Journal article. I've lived in Alberta for nearly 10 years, after a lifetime in BC, and have tried to keep my mouth shut in order to avoid being shot. Some of the nicest people say the nastiest things, calmly and quietly, as if they are commenting on the weather. I've had to learn not to take it personally (as a slur against BC values) when the one talking is old, and to reply calmly when the speaker is my age or younger. But sometimes it hurts. There are people of all colours in my family, some adopted in, some married in, and now adorable mixed-race children. I love them all dearly. So it's been tough, living in Alberta. But I see a change happening, and it's great to be here to see it. Let's hope it continues. More than a few Albertans are seeing the Harpies for who they really are. Let's hope more do, too.

  2. You're right Kim. One of my husband's students is from Alberta and when My husband asked him about Harper, just casually, he stated that Harper is hated where he comes from.

    He is destroying the reputation of that province.