Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Globe and Mail has Become Fox News In Print. What a Disgrace.

The Globe and Mail has a new format as they've changed their focus from reporting news to manipulating the news in the favour of big business.
The new tarted-up, glossy, all-colour Globe and Mail is many things, but it is not a real "news paper." It has been "dumbed up" and robbed of much of its news content.
Rick Salutin was the first to go, and with him the paper's integrity. It now ranks right up there with the National Enquirer and Fox News.

And don't expect them to represent Canadian values.
In their attempt to attract younger, Internet-savvy readers who are not accustomed to investigative reporting, and prefer larger pictures, the newspaper is being revamped to have a more glossy tabloid look and feel, with one of the issues that "define Canadians," extolling the bright future of the armed forces. In the Globe's recent "Canada: Our Time to Lead" TV ad, touting the redesign, a young woman, riding a bicycle on a country road toward the camera, says that "Canada is not defined by universal health care or peacekeeping." Funny, 80 per cent of respondents to a one recent poll said healthcare is the crown jewel, and distinguishing attribute of Canadian society, and why we accept high taxation levels. This subtext of this ad asks us to envision a new Canada, militarized and "open for international business"-- a corporate Canada we are beginning to know, driven by unsustainable, neoliberal policies for endless exploitation. Who will take care of us when media corporations own us, and our messaging?
Another one bites the dust.

The only thing missing was a big pic of Harper's mug. But I know where they can get one.

It's his media now.


  1. Did it again, Emily. Speechless here once more. I feel like someone punched me in the stomach.

  2. I have that feeling a lot these days.

  3. Mine's more of a knife in the back kind of feeling!

  4. Where are the brave investigative journalists hanging out these days ? I am angry that msm keeps humoring these imbeciles we have in the government by giving them air time so they can keep repeating their lies over and over, like Ambrose in Question period today. Where can a person get REAL news and unbiased reporting ? ( Aside from your blog - too bad your stuff couldn't make it to print every day - we'd be rid of those frauds )

  5. Thanks Aubrey. Rabble is good. So is the Tyee, the Mark News, the Winnipeg Free Press. They are generally unbiased.

  6. Duly noted and bookmarked. Thanks. I would suggest to pastors of evangelical churches that they start putting url links from your series on Aberhart and Harper into their weekly church bulletins. The origin of the SC party is truly scary - a lot of fundamentalists probably stumped for them without realizing what was behind the curtain.