Friday, October 22, 2010

Conflict of Interest Just the Norm for Harper Government

News that the Harper government is actually now hiring lobbyists directly to cut out the middle man, is nothing new. They've been moving in and out for years.

Bernard Prigent, VP of Pfizer, was hired to head up the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, while still a registered lobbyist.

So they're under investigation AGAIN!

What difference will it make?

Company gets contracts after attending a Harper fundraiser.

His government is under investigation again?

What difference will it make?

Herr Harper will just attack somebody, or fire somebody, or sue somebody, and it will all go away.

Living in a dictatorship is grand, isn't it?

Corporate rule. Fascism 101.


  1. I'm so sick of it all, it's so depressing living in a Corporatocracy instead of a Democracy. The system is so broken and I don't see how it's possible to reverse it now that our false "Economy" of debt is so intertwined with corporations and politics. There is nobody in politics who is willing to stand up and say we need to start over with a new model and start by killing NAFTA and bring jobs back to Canada.

  2. The Liberals have promised to end the corporate tax cuts and so has the NDP. We need those parties to start working together and not attack each other.

    Then we take it once step at a time, I guess.