Sunday, October 17, 2010

More Evidence That Stephen Harper Destroyed Our Chances at the UN

With all the nonsense that it was Michael Ignatieff who sabotaged the UN Security Council seat, Stephen Harper did this all on his own.

Doing NOTHING on climate change is unacceptable and a dangerous policy.

Once again we see Harper fall apart when challenged. He's doing everything to keep his composure but you can be sure that off camera he let the expletives fly.

There is an excellent opinion piece in the Edmonton Journal, discounting the Conservative nonsense.

It's not your parents' Canada anymore. Nowadays Canada's reputation is so low that we cannot win a seat at the UN Security Council. This from a country once renowned for being UN peacekeepers. Not only did we lose, but it wasn't even close.

What has brought us so low? Given that it was a vote by foreign countries, it's likely the foreign policies of Stephen Harper's Conservative party are the culprit, including lack of support for the UN. Regardless of what you think of the UN, we are not held in the same high regard we once were. In the second round of voting, we were supported by only 40 per cent of member nations (Portugal 113, Canada 78).

To top it off, Harper is like the child who blames everyone but himself for his failures. Instead of "manning up," the Tories offer the classic dog-ate-my-homework excuse that it's all Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff's fault for saying in a single, informal interview that the government's actions did not merit a seat on the council.

Instead of "manning up". Exactly.


  1. Great post, I totally agree. Do people buy the line that is is the Liberals' fault?

  2. Good for the Edmonton Journal, an Alberta paper not kow-towing to SH and his not-so-merry band, or making excuses for them either.