Thursday, October 21, 2010

Five Years in the Life of a Government. This is Accountability?

News yesterday was that the Auditor General is investigating the office of the Federal Public Sector Integrity Commissioner Christiane Ouimet, a bogus office created under the Harper government's so-called Accountability Act.

Ouimet's annual report contained zero findings of wrongdoing -- for the fourth year running. That in itself should send up a red flag.

Had she at least reported the theft of sticky notes or something, it may have sounded credible. But we have one of the most corrupt governments on record. If she couldn't find anything, then she's obviously not looking.

So I have created a report for Oimet.

1. Used funds from oil and gas sector to run anti-Kyoto campaign ads, with money going to Friends of Science, a group associated with the Fraser Institute. Also affiliated is Stephen Harper's long time friend, John Weissenberger.

A Globe and Mail feature article by Charles Montgomery today has delivered what should be a death blow for the climate change denial and anti-Kyoto attack group, the Friends of Science. The G&M says that FOS has taken undisclosed sums from Alberta oil and gas interests. The money was funneled through the Calgary Foundation, to the University of Calgary and on to the FOS though something called the “Science Education Fund.”
2. Hired a firm guilty of corruption and war crimes, to provide security in Afghanistan.

3. Travel luxury class, bilking Canadian taxpayers out of thousands of dollars.

4. Billed Canadian taxpayers for their fundraisers.

5. Changed their expense records on their website to hide abuse of tax dollars.

6. New Senator Mike Duffy violated ethics when he interfered with the 2008 election campaign

7. MP Gary Lunn involved in collusion scheme.

8. Abused franking privileges.

9. Appointed climate change deniers to Science Board, meaning we are paying salaries of people working against our interests.

10. In and out election scheme.

11. Fired Dan Veniez from Ridley Terminals because he exposed scheme to subsidize U.S. Coal Industry.

12. Questionable relationship of Michael Fortier and public service contracts.

13. Enormous numbers of patronage appointments.

14. John Baird interferes with streetcars for T.O. Then tells them to flick off.

15. Pet Mackay pork barrels infrastructure spending.

16. Bribed a dying man for his vote.

17. Rampant cronyism.

18. Appoints friends to Toronto Port Authority.

19. Family members put on payroll.

20. Record spending on polls.

21. Rod Bruinooge and the Waverley Overpass.

22. RCMP investigations into misuse of voter lists.

23. Abuse of police connections.

24. Tony Clement's questionable G-8 spending.

25. 50 million on signs.

26. Almost 100 million on self-promotion ads.

27. Requested more money for an office with no function.

28. Names party insider as RCMP chief.

29. Big cardboard cheques.

30. Excessive G-20 spending.

31. White collar crime.

32. Christian Paradis - enough said.

33. Infrastructure money going to private religious schools.

That's only a partial list. And she can find no wrong doing?

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