Monday, October 25, 2010

If Stephen Harper is an Economist, What Does That Make You?

There is another great column by Gerald Caplan, headed 'If Stephen Harper’s an economist, I’m the Queen of Sheba'.

We could almost make that part of a theme. Invite others to complete the statement - 'If Stephen Harper is an economist, I'm ....'

I've often said that as an economist Harper makes a great shoe salesman, but maybe it should be a snake oil salesman.

Because Stephen Harper is NOT an economist. His only known real job was in the mail room at Esso, but that doesn't make him a postal clerk either.

The only reason that Harper has been able to fool people into believing that he knows what he's doing, is because of salesmanship.

Taxpayer funded salesmanship.

100 million dollars of our money for self promotion ads. Another 50 million for signs. And a high price communications team, also paid for by us. In fact while asking everyone else to tighten their belts, this man had the nerve to ask for an increase in his own budget.

His makeup was wearing thin and we were starting to see the man behind the mask.

Economist indeed.

If Stephen Harper is an economist, I'm a nuclear physicist.

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