Friday, October 8, 2010

Pierre Poilievre Has Meltdown Because he was Expected to Play by the Rules

Little PP made an ass of himself once again. Upset that security refused to bow to his greatness, but made him wait like everyone else, he had a hissy fit, called for his mommy and stormed off.

What a little creep.
CTV News says the prime minister’s parliamentary secretary is being investigated over a potential security breach on Parliament Hill. It says Pierre Poilievre, an Ottawa-area MP, was waiting in line to drive through a
security gate on Tuesday.

CTV says Poilievre became impatient, jumped out of his car and pushed the entrance button without waiting for security to inspect his vehicle. It’s a clear violation of security rules and CTV says the RCMP is investigating. Poilievre says he has apologized, but CTV is reporting he only did so after the network rejected pleas by Conservatives not to run the story.
The RCMP is investigating.
The RCMP is investigating a security breach on Parliament Hill, allegedly by Pierre Poilievre, the parliamentary secretary to the prime minister ... Everyone entering Parliament Hill must pass through security, including elected officials.
Oh but Pierre wasn't elected. He was anointed.

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