Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kory Teneycke Wins as Biggest Loser. I am so Proud

I'm not talking about the weight loss show but Kory Teneycke has won a coveted spot in Canadian Business magazine, as one of their biggest losers.

Yah think?
Kory Tenecyke is Canadian Business magazine’s “Big Loser” in its Oct. 11 edition, the latest in a media pile-on of the former Harper communications chief. The 36-year-old, who was an ethanol lobbyist before joining the Prime Minister’s Office, is featured prominently on a double-page spread headlined:
“Winners & Losers: This week’s scorecard of ups and downs.”
And joining him, though without the hmmm ... recognition ... is his former boss Pierre Peladeau, who has backed down from promising to shove Fox News North down our throats.
As Murray Dobbins says:
It’s quite a come down. From in-your-face arrogance to a total retreat in a matter of a few months, the big money behind Quebecor’s determination to set up a Fox news North is now looking pretty humble.

There’s no doubt that part of this is overreach on the part of Pierre Karl Peladeau and his junkyard-dog front man Kory Teneycke. But mostly it is a huge victory for every Canadian who took time to write, email, phone or other wise protest this grotesque plan to move Canadian political culture to the far right. And a victory in particular for Avaaz the on-line social movement that flushed Teneycke and his bully tactics into the open.
Chalk two up for the good guys.

Could this be a sign? Teneycke attacked Margaret Atwood, she fought back, he got fired (he says "resigned"). Teneycke went after Lawrence Martin claiming that he lied in his book Harperland when he said that our self-proclaimed dictator was going to Queen in he didn't get his way. Lawrence produced a tape and Teneycke shut up and went into hiding.

Stephen Harper was quite willing to give Peladeau 200 million dollars of our money until we raised a stink. He backed down.

We will get them one at a time.


  1. Yesssss. Tumbling down like bowling pins, one at a time.
    We shall overcome some day.

  2. It's always nice to see these clowns exposed for what they really are and feel vindicated in the efforts to expose them. :)

  3. It does feel good doesn't it Sneaky.