Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our "Frugal" Government on Another Spending Spree

It's no longer really news that the Harper government is on another spending spree.

They live very large on the taxpayers dime. Nothing's too good for Herr Harper.

What ticks me off is that they are warning us of tough times ahead and promising to end public health care, because we can't afford it.

If you polled most Canadians and gave them a choice between billions of dollars on military hardware, new offices, communications staff, photo-ops, etc. or healthcare, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone not choosing the latter.

But then since when have we ever factored into any decisions this government makes?
Construction of four temporary meeting rooms for MPs in a federal building next to Parliament Hill in Ottawa cost over $24 million, CBC News has learned. The rooms are being used for Commons committee meetings while other buildings on the Hill get a $5-billion, long-term restoration.
Of course they need this to pay back all the contractors who contributed to their party. And remember we have to borrow this money and our children and grandchildren will have to pay it back.

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  1. $24 million for TEMPORARY meeting rooms? Couldn't they pull up trailers like the ones used for temporary classrooms at schools across the country? Living large on the backs of people who will soon have no health care sounds like deliberate cruelty to me.