Thursday, October 14, 2010

How Will Harper's UN Loss Affect the Immigrant Community?

I always find it interesting when I read how the immigrant communities are now supporting the Harper government.

The Reform Party was notoriously anti-immigration and Stephen Harper has referred to multi-culturalism as a "weak nation strategy".

But they realized that if they wanted to make any gains outside of the West they would have to at least publicly, tone it down a bit.

You could still buy C-Far memberships at their conventions, but c'mon. They allowed one Asian woman in that room full of white faces. That was progress.

But despite their exploitation, we've learned this week that India voted against Canada's UN bid. That's significant after Harper dancing there and all.

But then refusing to answer questions, smashing cameras and roughing up the Indian Press, didn't exactly win them friends.

But when they suffer such a defeat on the International stage, this could have a snowball effect. There were reasons for that rejection and since many immigrants maintain ties with their homeland, will they see the Harperites in a different light? A natural light?

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  1. I don't just find it interesting that immigrant communities support Harper, I find it amazing, even downright unbelievable. What do they see in him?