Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Calgary's New Mayor is Sure to Have Harper's Shorts in a Twist

Calgary has just elected a Muslim as mayor, the first-ever to lead a major Canadian city.

After the Harper government made Islamophobia a state policy, this has got to be sending Herr Harper into a spin. His riding is in Calgary. I Love it.

And Naheed Nenshi is everything Harper hates. He believes in multi-culturalism, something our pm has referred to as a "weak nation strategy". Immigrants have actually helped to make us strong.

And he's smart. He graduated from Harvard.

And he talks to people. All the time. Facebook, Twitter, he's there.

We got rid of Kory Teneycke, neutered Fox News North, Saved the gun registry, and brought sanity to the election process, at least in one city. (knuckle-dragger Rob Ford's still a threat in TO)

The times they are a changin'


  1. Hooray for Calgary!! I'm SO pleased. We have Muslim friends in Alberta, fantastic well-educated kind sweet fun people. I'll bet they're as thrilled today as I am, or probably more, even though we, and they, don't live in Calgary.
    Incredible progress. I hope times really ARE a-changin' and this isn't just a drop in the ol' bucket.