Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Dishonourable Man Should Not Receive an Honorary Degree

Students at the University of Winnipeg are protesting the decision to give Vic Toews an honorary degree. This upstanding Christian who got a young woman pregnant and then left his wife for her, represents everything a progressive university should oppose.

And I don't mean the affair.
The students say Toews has opposed gay rights, is behind a needless law-and-order crackdown that will result in millions spent on prisons and he called Tamil refugees terrorists. The students, who are lined up against the
building, say those views are at odds with the U of W's inclusive reputation.

"(Toews’) policies are in direct opposition to the notions of compassion, justice, acceptance, inclusiveness, human rights and equality," said Brittany Thiessen. "As a university which values these notions, I along with many others, believe that honouring this man is unacceptable." Also this afternoon, student valedictorian Erin Larson is expected to use her address to graduates to condemn the university for honouring Toews.
I love how the Sun (Fox News North) plays this. They are not "concerned students" but "left-leaning students." For that reason alone this man should not receive any accolades. It encourages the crazies.
A large group of the institution’s left-leaning students and former students plans to gather outside the U of W’s Duckworth Centre, where the fall convocation is held, to protest the decision to honour Toews with the doctor of laws degree.


  1. Maybe they have a PhD for Hypocrisy they can give him?

  2. Yes: notice how Sun media portrayed it: accurately.

    Your objection is?

  3. My objection is that these students have good reason to object. It doesn't make them left wing or right wing, only Canadian.

    Vic Toews does not represent Canadian values. And neither does the Sun.

  4. Watch this link. This girl ROCKS>