Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Christian Paradis Won't Resign. It's Time to Throw the Bum Out!

Mr. "Maybe there's a scandal, maybe there isn't", is in trouble again.

Aside from the fact that there's a good chance he won't be allowed to run for re-election, Paradis is in trouble for listening to Stephen Harper and keeping a white knuckled grasp on information from his department.

One aide resigned already and now others have been busted.
An aide who resigned following the discovery that he meddled in several access to information requests was not the only staff member involved in political interference, newly released documents show. An aide to Natural Resources Minister Christian Paradis left his job last week after The Canadian Press obtained documents showing he tampered with at least four different requests made through federal freedom of information legislation, not just the one he had earlier acknowledged ....

Paradis deflected questions about whether Togneri acted alone. But internal emails recently released to the Commons ethics committee probing the affair reveal that two other political staffers were involved in vetting sensitive access-to-information requests.
Paradis is refusing to resign himself. And Stephen Harper, who taught him everything he knew about being secretive, is backing him up.

I think it's time to throw all the bums out.

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