Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Paradis Scandal Back On ... I Think .... Maybe

Just before calling his two and half month Prorogue Vacation, Stephen Harper was trying to halt rumblings at Public Works, over a brewing scandal.

First there was a scandal, then there wasn't a scandal. it was all quite dizzying.

Auditors have been called, animal rights people have been called. It's a mess.

But try as he might, the darn thing just isn't going away and it looks like the ethics commissioner may be ready to blow the lid off the whole thing.

Parliament's ethics watchdog will examine a cabinet minister's dealings with Rahim Jaffer, despite the Conservative government's herculean efforts to distance itself from the former Tory MP.

Mary Dawson, the ethics commissioner, will look into whether Christian Paradis improperly used his position as public works minister to help out Jaffer. Jaffer called Paradis on the minister's cellphone last August, asking him to go for beers and telling him about a project he was working on through his company, Green Power Generation, to install solar panels on federal buildings.

Paradis arranged for his parliamentary affairs director, Sebastien Togneri, to deal with Jaffer and set up meetings with bureaucrats. Documents tabled with a House of Commons committee show that civil servants were asked to speed the process of meeting with Jaffer and business partner Patrick Glemaud.

I'm glad they're going to build all those super prisons. They're going to need an entire wing for Harper's government.

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