Monday, October 25, 2010

More Views From the West on Harper's Corporate Takeover of Canada

The people of Saskatchewan are not pleased with Stephen Harper's callous disregard for their province and their economy, by clearly taking sides with Bay street over the sale of their potash industry.

From the Regina Leader Post:
One could pontificate until the cows come home on the unfettered free-market beliefs of Stephen Harper and how he seems true to his philosophical principles. But the real question that Harper needs to answer right now is
this: Why would it be a good thing to allow the Australian-based, world's biggest mining company to take over what is essentially still a Canadian company that controls 25 per cent of the world's supply of a strategic resource?

On Wednesday, Harper had described it as "a proposal for an American-controlled company to be taken over by an Australian-controlled company". It was a factually inaccurate description, but a great insight into the prime minister's view of the world. It wasn't reflective of traditional Canadian conservative views on protectionism, or westerners' views of their resources.

This potash takeover is more than a right-wing philosophical debate over some distant shareholder's right to profit as much as he or she pleases. And the strange thing is that Stephen Harper may actually be one of the few Conservatives in the country who doesn't get that.

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