Thursday, October 28, 2010

Canada Needs its Own Rally for Sanity

In an effort to give voice to Americans who are not nuts, Jon Stewart and Steve Colbert will hold a Rally for Sanity, to let Americans who are not nuts, know that they are not alone.

The Tea Party is the only voice being heard and they have 138 delegates, all Republicans, running in the mid-terms.

This is a horrible state of affairs.

The National Park Service has granted a permit for satirists Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to host a “political engagement/entertainment event” on the National Mall on Saturday. Comedy Central said in its application for the permit that it expected 60,000 participants, though they also said they were providing enough portable toilets for 150,000.

The event “will include music, comedy and a ‘rally,’” according to the permit, which was released this afternoon. Messrs. Stewart and Colbert had told their viewers that they would be hosting competing protests, one to “restore sanity,” the other “to keep fear alive,” but later said they would combine them around the Capitol Reflecting Pool.

I hope it's well attended and sends a message to Canadians, that we need to do the same. Jason Kenny, Rob Anders, Stockwell Day, Maurice Vellactott, Brad Trost ... all nuts.

If our country continues to dummy down and allow the only voices heard be those of extremists, we're going to be in serious trouble.


  1. On American media, they have said repeatedly the rally is not about politics. That being said, I would think it turns out to be a rally for the Democrats. We don't need a political rally here either. We need something to get everybody excited, together. Like the prorogation rallies. I'm tired of Canadians acting and talking like Americans--we are Canadian. To read some of the CBC Comments section, you'd never know. We need to come together. And, lastly, why do we have to copy the US and their rally?

  2. The Tea Party rallies are for Republicans but sadly they have been putting forward candidates who are all looney tunes.

    But they will probably get in because of the fervour of the Tea Party gang.

    In a country with only two parties I guess it is a push for Democrats but hopefully, it's only a reminder to choose candidates based on qualifications and merit. I'm sure many of the Republicans running are OK.

    I'm with you on rallies for democracy. We've got to get Canadians voting.